Winners Archive 2022

I feel like a dancer a choreographer a pianistCatrin Sonnabend

The focus in the catalog of the artist Katja Pudor is on drawings in which she deals with Beethoven‘s piano sonatas. From listening she translates perception and sensations into drawing. This process takes as long as the piece of music. She works partly with both hands – like a pianist – and partly on paper formats that correspond to the size of a piano.
In terms of design, it was important to me to create a visual connection between the creative period of the composer and that of the artist, as well as to find a visual correspondence of rhythm and movement – of music and drawing – in the layout.
Therefore, I worked with a mixture of 3 typefaces: two of them contemporary, one from the period around 1800.
The colors I used are black and white, as are the drawings and a piano.
The choice of materials is reminiscent of a sketchbook. The cover of the book is heavy and stiff and must be purposefully unfolded, much like the keyboard of a piano.

The catalog has 108 pages.

Creative Communication
Arena rough white rough 140g/m 
Arena smooth White smooth 140g/m 
Cardboard black 2500 μm