Winners Archive 2022

Trade with MephistoCAFA – Central Academy of Fine Arts

This is a changing era. With the spread of the New Coronavirus epidemic, the universal connection of the world has been fully expressed. At the same time, when each country is facing the epidemic situation, its own meta problem is also gradually emerging. Consumption, which is most closely related to the people and the country, has also exposed more bone piercing contradictions in this absurd era. The trade with Mephisto project was originally a “symmetrical writing” with the theme of Faust and combined with reality. Within half a year, a purposeful led exhibition design was deduced into a scattered, speculative and writing series of poster design. In this series of creation, I don’t want to get a definite answer, but I just want to ask myself what is the “right” in this era.

Rui Wang
Hua Jiang