Winners Archive 2022

PositionCAFA – Central Academy of Fine Arts

The project is divided into two parts.
Part 1 is a collection of all of Qian Juntao’s cover typographies, who was pioneer of early Chinese modernist design. These designs were sorted and restored, edited and designed as a collection of documents, in order to use font design as tribute, to connect these different zeitgeists, and to explore the true consciousness of this new era of Chinese typographic design.

Part 2 selects keywords of different eras and draws upon the design methods and stylistic characteristics of meishuzi (“artistic lettering”). This new, modern typography is then reproduced using technology of the digital age.
This project organizes the documents of Qian Juntao and pays a design tribute to this pioneer of Chinese modernist typography. The name of this project, Position, is self-conceived. The typography on the book covers, the posters on the walls, are our stance. Designers, we have a duty to protect our front!

Shibo FAN