Winners Archive 2019

Third place - TAGV Season Brochures 2017-2018Bürocratik / Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, Univ. Coimbra / Luso Impress

The brochures developed for the 2016-2018 seasons of the TAGV (Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente) outline and interpret the elegant programme of theatre, dance, music and cinema in the city of Coimbra. The exuberance of graphic and typographic elements and print finishes interplays with paper of different types, sizes and colours, combining in a dramatic way while respecting a limited budget. The brochures are a joy to see and handle.

Creative Communication
Arcoprint 1 EW 70 g/m2 Sirio Color Lampone, Arancio, Gialloro, Vino 170 g/m2 Sirio Color Limone 80g/m2 Woodstock Pistacchio 170 g/m2