Winners Archive 2022

BASF "Act Trendbook 2021 / 2022"Buch- und Offsetdruckerei H. Heenemann GmbH & Co. KG

Every year, the designers of BASF study future trends which they use as foundation for the development of surface, texture and color positions. They draw inspiration from industry, fashion, consumer products, nature, and more. This research is shared with BASF’s customers, the automotive designers, to drive future mass production plans.
As a long-standing partner, we were allowed to implement the project together. To give the Color-Trends a worthy framework, we spared no effort.
We produced a hardcover (core 3.0 mm whiteboard) with thread stitching. For the content, we used the paper Symbol Tatami white, which conveys an outstanding sense of quality due to its feel and volume.
The printing was 4C – on various pages we also used Pantone special colors (Pantone 804C, 803C, 802C).
The book cover and the content have the same format. A three-sided colored edge (4c), which carries the printed image of the cover over the edge, effectively accentuates this special eye-catcher.

Symbol tatami white 170
Arena smooth white 120
Illustration Printing Paper matt white 135