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Brighten the Corners & Anish Kapoor / Zumtobel / F & G, UK & EBS Editoriale Bortolazzi / Second Place / Zumtobel Annual Report 2011/2012

The myriad possibilities in terms of intensity, colour and amplitude of LED light sources inspired artist Kapoor, appointed as art director for the Annual Report by lighting giant Zumtobel.  The two separate parts – one grey with financial data and the other in pure colour – link up through the circular shape of the typeface of the first section and the colour trends in the second one.  A project proving that less is almost always more!

Creative Communication
United Kingdom
Sirio Perla 220 g/m2 Arcoprint Edizioni 1.7 13 g/m2 Arcoprint Milk 100 g/m2