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Alexander Booth – TriptychBook Book

This book is tripartite: the first section – Roman Hours – is a collection of minimalist mourning songs; applying the Delaunays’ definition of Cubism as simultaneous contrast the central section – The Little Light That Escaped – explores metaphorical and literal dislocation against the backdrop of the Mediterranean, twinned with Berlin, no Shelleyan “paradise of exiles” but something darker; and the third section – Insulae – is a series of rooms remembered, from cities that have played an important role in the authors life.

Office Offset: The rediscovery of these fully capable miniature offset machines marks a new era of experimental offset printing. By de-contextualising the former intended usage and in conjunction with modern technology, it is possible to transform a former duplication technology into an experimental printing technique, which offers a vast amount of options to explore offset printing.

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