Winners Archive 2022

object amnesic: a compost manifestoBLOW UP PRESS

Henrik Strömberg & Jens Soneryd started their project in 2016. For them the compost is a point of departure to explore alternative ways of being in the world, alternative practices of doing, thinking, sensing, seeing and understanding. The book deals with topics such as growth and decay, memory and forgetting, permanence and change. It also reflects on technologies for understanding, such as writing and photography. It explores if and how they also can be applied in opposition to their intended usages, if they can also be deployed to un-learn what we have learned from them. And just like any compost, the book is an assemblage of things in various stages of completeness as the objects in the compost are not registered, and no actions are undertaken to save them from oblivion or decay. To reach without being able to reach is just as important as grasping. The aim of a compost is not to reach answers, explanations, or conclusions, but to produce fertile soil. So is the aim of this book.

Pergamenata Naturale 90
Materica Clay 360
Munken Pure 130