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SPECTRUMBigg Boss s.r.o.

The book presents an overview of recent, contemporary painting in the Czech Republic, featuring a curated selection of forty-five artists currently working on the domestic art scene. It was created over several years as a stand-alone, independent book project. The book provides a unique glimpse into generational events in the selected medium (the generations of artists born in the 70s and 80s), which is simultaneously viewed in a broader context, as a subset of current events in the field of visual culture and contemporary art in general. The title SPECTRUM captures the book’s reflection on the painting medium itself (working with the basic relationship between light and color) and metaphorically also its reflections on the plurality of perspectives and the diversity of the contemporary Czech painting scene. It showcases works from various private as well as state collections along with works still held by the artists themselves.

Czech Republic
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