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Poem of PearlsBANK™

Book, Postcards, program brochure

Site specific exhibition by Birthe Blauth in the Church St Elisabeth on the occasion of the documenta fifteen, Kassel 2022. Duration 4 months.

The pearl-imagery and the green colorway break down the site specific artwork itself to its bare essence. The inner space of the whole church is covered with artificial meadow, a hi-tech kind of astro turf. In the middle there is a big bowl containing 100,000 real pearls. Topic is the paradise as a state of absolute perfection.

As we advertised the exhibition with a wide range of media such as different posters as well as an outdoor cube etc we added a 4th image showing this.

All printed matters had the pearl always embossed, making it popping out.

Creative Communication
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Splendorlux 1 Premium white 215
Fedrigoni Special Papers - Splendorlux 1 Premium white 300
Kunstraum Kirche
Druckerei Gläser, Grafisches Centrum Cuno