Winners Archive 2022

WatchesAtelier Patrice Bégnier

This mockup respectfully introduces the unique Cartier “Earth-Moon” watch, the latest crafted in my workshop.
More than another challenge, this game of patience and precision was before all another desire of mine to get som fun, reproducing perfection…
Just as the previous time pieces I cut and assembled, this Cartier masterpiece is entirely reproduced with Fedrigoni perfume card 25/10 cardboard, featuring up to fifteen or more layers of them!
Entirely realised from photos selected on websites, without any technical datas, I endeavoured to interpret some technical features as well as how some elements might superpose, aiming at remaining loyal to the original mechanic.
Some others types of mockups made with Fedrigoni papers too…

Creative Communication
Sirio ultra black ultra black 280
Sirio pearl fusion bronze 290
Cocktail blue moon 290