Winners Archive 2022

Blackwater PhotographyArtron Art Group

“Blackwater Horizon” is a collection of deep-water creatures photographed by underwater photographer Meng Qingran diving into the deep sea at night. This book visually restores the context of black water. The white letter sleeve with a water flow pattern is a pull-out page. The outline of the word “black water” is shown through die-cutting, revealing part of the young fish under the black water. Open it, The young fish will come to your face and be presented with a pull-out page. Most of the cubs are not bigger than the nails, but under the macro lens, they are extremely large, and they look like alien creatures. To create a mysterious atmosphere of water, to create a sense of flow and the mysterious atmosphere of the ocean, the text on the inner page is also designed to make readers feel that creatures are swimming under the text.

Arena smooth White 120g
Splendorgel EW Extra White 85g
Constellation jade E21 Silk 215g