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L.ArenaArmée de Verre Bookdesign

L.Arena is a Ghent World Project: a mobile arena with a nomadic carpet, a journey through the four seasons, leading to a festival in 2022 in Ghent (spring) and in Venice (autumn), with concerts in between with the polyphonic ensemble Dionysos Now! In Brugge (winter) and in Paris (summer).
During the festival, curator Wim Wuyts unites his community, which, along with inspirational thinkers and doers from the most diverse domains, will scrutinise the major social shifts. Leadership and the consequences of globalisation are central themes.

From these meetings – and also those during the rest of the year, when Wuyts will be touring with the mobile L.Arena – various miniature installations will emerge that visualise and document the conversations, dreams and ideas. Ultimately, the visitors are inspired to take the lead themselves on the road to
a better world and so to excite their own community.

Materica Acqua 360
Freelife vellum White 215
Arena rough Natural 200
Arena smooth Natural 120