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Food Travellers Fresh Fish BlendArmée de Verre Bookdesign

At Armée de Verre Bookdesign we love to design books and more. Whenever we can play with paper and typography, we feel like fishes in the water.

To thank our clients for trusting us with their projects, we decided to send them a delicious treat in the shape of a sparkling fish. A letterpress printed herring seemed the perfect choice, because this fish swims in a shoal and – according to us – making books (and packaging) is a team sport. Also because a herring can always work together with his matie 😉

The Fresh Fish blend in the herring’s belly, is produced by the Food Travellers, Steven’s second company that imports and distributes top-quality spices.
Our clients liked the fish so much, that the Food Travellers company decided to commercialize the product.

The most awesome part of this project was when we started to hear Food Traveller’s clients (buying spices) talking about paper and printing techniques.

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