Winners Archive 2022

Grotte di Santità (Sanctity Caves)Andrea Castelletti Studio

You are in the Grotte di Santità (lit. Sanctity Caves) – a maze of prehistoric tunnels running through the town of Ripatransone, where Cantina dei Colli Ripani is located. This underground structure extends some 2,000 square meters underneath the town, creating paths, labyrinths, tales and legends. An ancestral place, much like the method used to make this sparkling wine with its delicate, long-lasting bead of bubbles. The Grotte di Santità welcomes the changes of history. Each bottle is unique, with its own number and an immersive sensation in every glass.

To recreate the depth of the caves on this stunning and complicated label we used three superimposed materials subsequently die-cut.

The label is printed on Fedrigoni Materica Kraft Ultra WS and Bereber Sand Ultra WS, both natural self-adhesive FSC certified papers, while the first substrate material is a clear gloss.

Bereber Sand Ultra WS FSC™
Kraft Natural