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Pravljica o jari kači / The tale of jara kača (juvenile snake)ALUO – Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje

Result of a BA Thesis of Visual communication study is a book in A5 format titled Pravljica o jari kači / The tale of jara kača (juvenile snake). Author of tale is slovenian writer Ivo Svetina, but origins of the tale are planted in slovenian storytelling tradition. Student Julija Brudar had carefuly analized the topic of tales, folk tales, symbolism, did the research of the use of typography and its relationships to content and to illustration. She carefully combined typography and her own illustrations to enhance the tale and her vision of the snake, which is constantly rolling trough the pages, but we can never realy comprehand its appearance. Instead there are dozen of visual ideas which pleasantly guide us until turning the last page.

Julija Brudar
Roman Ražman