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Frankenstein issue #6.1Aldebaran Studio

This book was born from the urge to give a central position to the element of storytelling, in the belief that this is a fundamental mean for each author to outline and externalize their own inner universe. In particular for this volume, our focus was the deepening of writing as a medium on its own.
This has led us to question whether writing is not a media that in some way the writers face with more seriousness, or even just a simulated seriousness, and if it is also, of course, a connector with the deepest, taboo and inviolate dimensions of the soul. The project consists of 18 illustrated stories professional or emerging writers in 220 pages of science fiction stories, horror, satire …
We believe that reading is an aesthetic experience, and we wanted to give the same importance of the texts to the images and the graphic system, making them inseparable from the story as in the tradition of the great illustrated novels for children or illuminated manuscripts.
Have a good reading!

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