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A Poison Tree - Natasja KensmilAlauda Publications

This book offers an overview of the oeuvre of visual artist Natasja Kensmil (1973). It includes paintings and drawings from 1998 to her most recent works. Spanning over twenty years, Kensmil’s work delves into the question of the intrinsic monstrosity of human nature. Power and the consequences of its abuse are recurring themes, with abundant references from mythology, religion and history. Her fascination lies with the hidden, mysterious and murky sides of history.

Her motifs emerge through thick layers of paint. What ostensibly appears to be in black and white materializes into an array of (dark) colors with endless shades of gray. Monochromes are explored with detail and nuance.

The bilingual book contains texts in English and Dutch by Marlene Dumas, Hendrik Folkerts, Robbert Roos and Wieteke van Zeil.

Natasja Kensmil is recipient of the prestigious Johannes Vermeer Prize in 2021.

Arena rough Natural 120
Freelife cento Extra White 120