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SchweinehundAkademie für Illustration und Design Berlin

Students of the 5th semester dedicated themselves to produce their own illustrative magazine. They had to deal with the organization around the publication, as well as with the editing and finally the illustrative design.
The theme for the magazine was “Unlust” and the title the students came up with was “Schweinehund.”
The term ‚Schweinehund’ describes – often as a reproach – the allegory of weakness of will that prevents a person from carrying out unpleasant activities. Most often, the term “overcoming the inner pig dog“ is used to indicate that self-discipline, rather than personal inclination, is the decisive factor in completing a particular task. This connection also suggests a view according to which ultimately everyone has an inner pig and the flaw is giving in to this unwillingness.
Along those lines, each student wrote and illustrated one of the articles. The design, typography, printing and papers were decided collectively in the group.

Arena smooth Ivory 250
Arena smooth Ivory 90
Tintoretto ceylon Cumino 140
Tintoretto ceylon Cumino 95