Winners Archive 2022


Dos Hemisferios is the first vineyard in Ecuador, located in the city of Guayaquil.
Almirante is a full-bodied, super-premium wine with ripe tannins that provides a changing and pleasant sensation on the palate. Dos Hemisferios wanted to reflect the strength of this wine by paying homage to General Admiral Thomas Charles Wright.
The very well-crafted design by Adrian Pierini aims to convey that the will of man over preconceptions is possible. When we, as Adhinflex, saw the art for the first time, we were reminded of the rich history of Ecuador. We wanted to present our client with a proposal for finishes that would transform the label into an old bill. To achieve this effect, we worked with Fedrigoni’s Ipanema self-adhesive paper and placed varnishes that give relief to certain areas of the label, generating a perfect contrast between matte and glossy.
The final result is visually striking and when touched, one is transported to Colonial times, a label truly covered in glory!

Ipanema X-Dry WS FSC™