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Special Mention


21BEAUTY is a lifestyle brand dedicated to “clean label” healthy food on the 21st, advocating the concept of a low-carbon diet and body cleansing on the 21st.

Adhering to the principle of “less is more”, 21BEAUTY is also based on the reuse of “sustainable environmental protection”.

The product packaging adopts FSC-certified Italian imported special environmentally friendly paper. At the same time, it abandons the disposable plastic bottle solution. The “shake shake bottle” is designed and produced with imported tritan milk bottle grade materials. The innovative three-stage opening and closing structure does not leak water, and boiling water is resistant to high temperatures. Contains bisphenol A, it is clean after flushing, the color does not stick to the cup! Anytime, anywhere, 30 seconds shake shake, enjoy this “future food” on the 21st!

21BEAUTY will work with you to explore a healthy lifestyle on the 21st shake shake!

Acquerello bianco 350g
Century cotton laid with watermark white 350g
Freelife cento rough extra white 350g