Rubio & del Amo – Magabook Laus 2019





Paper Used

Constellation Snow E.11 - 240 gr Constellation Snow E.03 - 240 gr Symbol Tatami White 135 gr


Singularity, hard work and experience. The skin as an editorial concept.

The ADG Laus Awards are the most important design awards in Spain. This year we were commissioned to design the book that gathers all of the awarded projects and the careers of the honor awardees.

We found a bold and heavily expressive graphic language in other graphic design-related publications as well as in previous editions of the book. We wanted to explore other paths, and we came up with the concept of skin. A poetic approach to the editorial concept that led us work deeply within development of the concept while being subtle.

This concept can represent a wide range of aspects attached to the design awards, as effort trough sweat, emotion trough goosebumps, singularity through the skin marks or career path through the skin wrinkles. The concept appears throughout the book in the interior, using different skin tones, and in the grid itself.

Printing the covers in different colors, representing different skin tones, we added a layer of richness to the concept and a nuance: diversity, that made the project more unique.

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