Competing Projects 2021

8smička Endowment Fund
Pracoval jsem mnoho/  I Have Worked Much, Part 1 Drawings

Josef Čapek is undoubtedly one of the key personas of Czech modern art. The
aim of of the ambitious publishing project I Have Worked Much (Pracoval
jsem mnoho) is to introduce a complete summary monograph (oeuvre catalogue)
of Josef Čapek’s original works of art. The series is divided into four
volumes which have been planned to be published and started in 2019, one
book per year until 2022. The first of the four volumes is devoted to
Čapek’s drawings, the second to illustration and scenography, the third to
paintings (oil) and the fourth to graphics.
The designers chose distinctive paper combined with Czech original font
(type) and layout to correspond with the personality of Josef Čapek, humble
and simple, ordinary at first sight but of long-lasting value on many
levels. Purposefuly the spine of the book features no text, however one of
the art works features the spines of each the volumes instead. Each set is
designed as 2 books which fit in the hard cover (box), one of the two books
contains complete catalogue, the other is devoted to selected art works
printed in colour and in full-size page. The selection of art works is
acompanied by a monographic essay by Pavla Pečinková, the most acclaimed
expert of Josef Čapek’s work.

Czech Republic
Paper Used
Stabile Row Plain White
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