Panoply – paper celebration – Panoply Special – Space


Corporate Identity


Czech Republic

Paper Used

Cocktail Curacao 120 g Cocktail Curacao 290 g Materica Kraft 250 g Materica Kraft 360 g Sirio Color Cacao 140 g Sirio Color Cacao 290 g Sirio Color Limone 140 g Sirio Color Limone 290 g Sirio Color Vermiglione 290 g Tintoretto Ceylon Anice 140 g ARENA Natural Rough 200 g


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Panoply Special – Space are paper pop up decorations for kids. Space collection contains 4 meters long garland and a set of space solitaires (UFO, black hole, spaceship). Decorations are based on the author principle of folding, which is so variable that it allows to achieve a wide range of spatial shapes. The decorations are easy to use and can be folded back into the box after use and retained for other occasions.