Nexus Designs – Design with Brick Card Pack


Corporate Identity



Paper Used

300gsm Splendorgel Digital SPI

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A timeless building option, brick blends beauty, form and function and has the unique ability to meet any design aesthetic from classic to contemporary, with a combination of flexibility, strength, colour and texture that no other building material can match. To demonstrate this to an architectural audience this set of large format postcards were designed to feature unique material palettes for 9 distinct Design Styles (eg. Luxury Noir, Warm Earth, Fresh Naturals etc). A campaign piece for PGH Bricks, aimed at the Australian residential building market we chose paper that would feel both elegant and softly textured. An uncoated stock to evoke the tactility and earthiness of the product with performance that would ensure vibrancy and accuracy of colour, Splendorgel was the perfect choice.