Fuzhou BY-ENJOY Brand Design Co., Ltd. – LI TEA- Packaging Design





Paper Used

Nettuno Rosso Fuoco / Sirio Color Foglia


Product background:
LI TEA is a tea brand in Fujian, China. “LI” in chinese meaning is “stretch”, “reasonable” and “should be”. Customers hope that brands can convey to the market that tea is “should be” Gifts that are not always over-exaggerated.

The Solution:
1. So at the beginning of the design, we first designed the brand ’s Chinese font as a dotted line, and visually “combed” through the performance of the font. Cultural expression.
2. In terms of color, we chose red and green, because in the local area, due to the current competitive pressure of the tea industry, after repeated communication with customers, we hope to use a conventional color scheme different from the current tea packaging and look for a texture Paper, expressing the brand’s distinctiveness in the tea brand industry, is conducive to completing the brand’s standout in the initial stage. So we think that Nettuno Rosso Fuoco and Sirio Color Foglia of fedrigoni are very suitable for the texture we want to present.
3. The product packaging adopts a five-in-one drawer push-pull box shape. The outer box is mounted with 100g of Nettuno Rosso Fuoco and mounted on a thick plate. The silver foil process is used to present the brand’s appearance and the brand slogan concept. Continuation line graphics of the brand. In the presentation of the five inner boxes, the auxiliary graphics of the “Licha” brand have been expanded, and they are also presented on 210g of Sirio Color Foglia paper in a silver foil process. In terms of structure, each inner box uses horizontal and vertical lines of interlining paper to constitute the geometric aesthetics of the tea bag.