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Comme une Fleur – Anniversary Catalogue

This anniversary catalogue presents select handmade pieces of jewellery created by master studio Kirsten Ehhalt from 25 years as a goldsmith. Minimalistic yet stylish, playful yet concise, it showcases the favourite pieces from the current collection and past years.

“Comme une fleur”, the title of the catalogue, refers to nature as the source of inspiration, especially the perfect symmetry and rich colours of the flowers that Kirsten Ehhalt redefines time and again in her unique jewellery.

The exclusive presentation of the thread-sewn brochure with an open spine and neon thread, with spot UV on the envelope, the gold sleeve and the high-quality paper and print highlights the elegance of the pieces and special nature of the anniversary.

The format of the catalogue is oversized with the pieces shown individually on the large pages and features subtle lettering. This accentuates each carefully designed detail, every sparkle and colour brilliance that stand and speak for themselves – like a perfect picture that is true to the original. Single images of flowers and blossoms emphasise this imagery.

Fold-out pages and shortened pages provide variety when browsing the catalogue, and include short interview sequences with Kirsten Ehhalt giving some insight into her work, inspiration and development. On the back are quotes about flowers and their meaning for explorers in playful lettering.

Corporate Identity
Paper Used
Fedrigoni X-Per 320 gr white Fedrigoni X-Per 140 gr white Sirio Pearl Aurum 110 g/m²
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