ATELIER LUVIN – Champagne Maxime Toubart





Paper Used



Creation of the identity and implementation of the visual communication of Champagne Maxime Toubart

Maxime TOUBART is the president of the CIVC (General Union of Champagne Winegrowers), he is also at the head of a vineyard. Together, we have started a redesign of the brand, visual communication, and the new packaging of the house.

Maxime Toubart lives in the middle of these vineyards. The location of these vines is highlighted by the Surmelin, a French river that links the Marne and Aisne rivers.

The design of the « MT » is spans this river and the triangle represents his house. The label is an exact map of his property.

The use of the SAVILE ROW TWEED is an affirmation of his gentleman farmer style. The “style” of champagne are determined by hot foil printing, and overprinted with PANTONE.

Materials produced
Label creation on arconvert SAVILE ROW TWEED and graphic charter on SAVILE ROW TWEED FEDRIGONI.
Product Identity – Logo – Graphic charter – Label – Technical data sheets – Mailings – Business card – Letterhead – Pro Brochure

The “qualities” of champagne
TRADITION = hot foil printing Kurz 397 overprinted with PANTONE.
Demi SEC = hot foil printing Kurtz 398 overprinted with PANTONE.
GRANDE RESERVE = hot foil printing Kurz 334 overprinted with PANTONE.
ROSE = hot foil printing Kurz 355 overprinted with PANTONE.