Anzinger und Rasp Kommunikation / AMD Akademie Mode & Design / MXM Digital Service / Third Place / Mo:De 7 The Collection


HP Indigo



Paper Used

Splendorlux 2Hb 300 g/m2 Freelife Vellum White 120 g/m2 Arcoprint Milk White 100 g/m2


A cross-media catalogue-magazine talking about fashion, how it is influenced and how it influences habits and taste through an inspired collection of images and fragments of artworks in the Rijks Museum, Amsterdam. One hundred topics linked with the world of fashion, expressed through quick notes embossed on sticker applied to the pages, that are then traced back to an art reproduction to reveal a meaning or reflect an impression.A beautifully curated task job of iconographic research, citations and appropriate texts, all of which appear on the page in a vibrant and original manner.