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St. Francis of Assisi: The Canticle of the SunZuzana Lednická

The celebration of the elements and life by St. Francis (translated to Czech by Petr Borkovec) is visually dominated by a color gradient based on the color spectrum visible to human eye. It begins with a birth in the dark and ends with light and reconciliation. The book exists in two forms: a lithographic version of 100 copies, printed by hand in the Lithographic Workshop of Petr Korbelář, supplemented by letterpress text printed and bound in the UMPRUM workshops, and in an offset version of 200 copies, printed and bound by Helbich Printers. A very personal book for Zuzana Lednická, in which she had the opportunity to come up with the whole concept, including illustrations.

Czech Republic
Arena rough natural 120g