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Happy MechanicsWolfe Hall

Happy Mechanics is a group exhibition of work inspired by and often created from everyday objects. From household items through to the industrial, exploring their physical attributes and materiality whilst retaining their recognisable integrity.

The publication references product guide booklets that are often quickly discarded. Using a stark uncoated smooth white paper paired with a heavy cover, saddle-stitched together.

The cover positions lettering in a playful arrangement, bringing attention to their mechanical qualities . Printed in Pantone silver over a dark blue board, giving an unexpected metallic machine-like shine when caught in the light. The interior utilises a simple grid layout to position image and text. Artworks are captioned through an alphabetical system.

Typeset in WH Skeleton, a typeface designed by the studio based on an industrial-leaning collection of characterful early lettering styles.

United Kingdom
Arena smooth White 120
Sirio color rough Dark Blue 350