Archivio vincitori 2022

Relaunch packaging for truffles and pralinés for traditional German sweets manufacturerWalter Confiserie GmbH

Walter Confiserie is a chocolate and biscuit manufactury based in Berlin, founded in 1915. Since 2018 we are transforming the company and brand without forgetting our Berlin roots and strong focus on craftsmanship. This is also what we wanted to reflect in our new packaging, which we re-vamped in 2021. We decided on working with FEDRIGONI as the basis for our entire design concept due to the great colors and textures, compatibility with food and sustainability aspects. The look is now fresh and modern, somewhat cheeky but still classic, which also reflects Berlin. Feedback from our customers was very positive. We were even able to extend our customer base. The designer was Designstudio Mathilda Mutant and the printers were AWA.

Sirio color Perla 210
Woodstock Pistacchio 225
Tintoretto ceylon Anice 250
Woodstock Verde 170
Sirio pearl Fusion Bronze 210
Tintoretto ceylon Cubeba 250