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Marika Kupkova (ed.), HOUSER, Brno: VUTIUM Press 2020.VUTIUM Press

HOUSER is an art book documenting painting techniques apllied by the Czech painter Milan Houser. Apart form critical texts in Czech, English and French, most space is dedicated to photographic documentation of Houser‘s work. Graphic design is by Adam Machacek (20YY Designers); printed by Tiskarna Helbich a.s. and published by VUTIUM Press.
Symbol Tatami White 150g was used for the pictorial part of the book: the properties of the paper in combination with the technology of UV offset printing are suitable for the true presentation of colours in Milan’s paintings. The book is about painting, its techniques, materiality, surface and depth, so the choice of a suitable paper is absolutely crucial. Contrasting to Symbol Tatami, Arcoprint Milk White 120g paper is used for the textual part of the book. STUCCO Tintoretto Gesso 320g was used for the cover.
The book was awarded 3rd prize in the Most Beautiful Czech Books 2020 contest in 2021.

Czech Republic
Stucco tintoretto Gesso 320
Arcoprint Milk White 120
Symbol tatami White 150