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Fortunato Depero and Depero futurista 1913–927Unibz / Design and Art

This publication examines Depero futurista – the so-called ‘bolted book’ – created in 1927 by Futurist artist Fortunato Depero. Although Depero and his book have been the subject of artistic re-evaluation, the literature relating to this work neglects several key aspects about the artist, still failing to provide a detailed account of Depero futurista. The goal of this study is to address these gaps in the analysis of the book and its author by examining it in greater depth than any previous account and devising a research methodology tailored to its specific qualities. This publication is an interdisciplinary study of a book published during the Fascist era – a promotional and commercial tool as well as a Futurist work of art – which seeks to accurately define the role of the book in the history of design and established narratives of modern graphic design and typography. The publication derives from a 7yrs research project carried out by Camillini in Reading and Bolzano.

Splendorlux mirror iron/ferro 320
Arena rough natural rough 100