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TypoSkat and TypoBlattTypoWalz®

During my TypoWalz 2020 at the Stralsund Playing Card Factory, I set a typographic pack of 32 cards and printed a small edition on the Asbern proof press. Quickly the TypoSkat was sold out and I decided to produce a 2nd edition, with the letterpress printer Walter Fischer at the “Museum der Arbeit” in Hamburg on the Heidelberger Cylinder and then die-cut it on the Heidelberger Tiegel.
On request for a typographic rummy game, I expanded the 2021 game to 58 cards, including jokers and produced the TypoBlatt once more with Walter Fischer at the “Museum der Arbeit”.
Both TypoSpiele feature traditionally hand-set TypoGraphics as card images. Like the classic double images, they can be viewed from both sides, not being mirrored, but rather being designed by “text twisting”.
The playing cards and the tuck boxes were printed on Fedrigoni recycled uncoated paper.
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Freelife cento extra white 350 g/m²
Woodstock Noce 285 g/m²