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lo único nuevo aquí, sois vosotrosturismo studio

This is a book about feminism, about being alive today and about belonging and alterity feelings. “lo único nuevo aquí, sois vosotros” is a daring publishing project placing together short stories, poetry, quotes and a lot—a lot—of pictures. Such a wide range of contents claimed for a design able to assemble them effortlessly and to create a reader’s friendly experience in which the distinctive features of contents could be highlighted. We developed a layout system blending text blocks, high-res pictures, pages in plain solid color and halftone images. All design decisions aimed us to choose a soft-touch paper that could be felt solid yet flexible—with some extra shine when necessary. As for the cover, design and paper come together in a coherent way with its own personality: We wanted to create a memorable experience able to catch both vision and touch sense (talking about senses, every time we describe the book we emphasize that it smells really well).

Symbol freelife matt plus Premium White 115
Constellation snow E11 Lime 240