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Wrapping & WritingTOGETHERY / Feingeladen X Hungry Paper

We are Maria and Stefanie from »Togethery« and have a common goal: to bring sustainable and beautiful paper goods to the market. In our design studio in Berlin, we print using environmentally friendly Riso printing*. From our portfolio we have selected wrapping paper, gift tags and matching cards in DIN A7 format to present here. The cards have matching envelopes that have been made for us in a small factory in Germany. Each print is unique and lives from the artistic characteristics of the Risography. The rich, vivid colours of the Riso ink give each print its own individual charm. For the packaging, we do without plastic and only use a band made of compostable paper or sleeves made of glassine paper.

* Riso printing is a stencil printing process, a type of digital screen printing which uses minimal resources.

Creative Communication
Woodstock Grigio 80, 285
Woodstock Giallo 80, 110, 285
Woodstock Cipria 80, 110, 285
Woodstock Noce 285
Woodstock Betulla 110, 285