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Memories at Home AlbumThe Crafty In Me

This is a handmade album intended to memory keeping with the theme of “Memories at Home”.

Designs were done digitally and cut using an electronic cutting machine or embossed with manual die-cutting machine. It is meant for memory keeping and each 3D pages has hidden pockets for photo mats. Each pages represents a scene of a vintage house, a peek to a lady’s salon/parlor room, a view outside the garden, a hallway with staircase and a study room. The cover represents a peek to the living room.

Creative Communication
Sirio color Black 115
Sirio color Bruno 115
Sirio color Caffè 115
Sirio color Lampone 115
Ispira Rosso Passione 120
Splendorgel EW Extra White 230
Sirio color Foglia 115
Aleene's Tacky Glue