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PencilBox 2Studio Sutherl&

These boxes of pencils were produced as a promotional piece for Boss Box. We designed a typeface and illustrations using pencil component shapes. This was used for the identity for PencilBox, the pencils, the insert and postcards. We created a series of different characters on each side of the box – all created from the basic pencil shapes of the shaft, hexagon, circle and shavings. The four characters are: Bubo the Owl, Ningyo a fish-like creature, Calaca a Mayan skeleton and Helios, the sunflower. We designed a modular typeface (from pencil shapes) for the box, the pencils, the insert and postcards. A limited edition, high-end, printed piece. We used print foils and coloured papers to give a mid-century feel to the look. In the current virtual world, we wanted to produce something tactile for the audience. Something to keep, that was both useful and playful.

United Kingdom
Imitlin e/r05 tela Bordeaux 125gsm
Imitlin e/r05 tela Verde Edera 125gsm
Imitlin e/r05 tela Castano 125gsm
Imitlin e/r05 tela Kraft 125gsm
Sirio ultra black Ultra Black 185gsm