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Nota BeneStudio Sutherl&

A series of Notebooks created for the studio and for select clients and for future sale. The design features a simple duplexed double colour cover with an angled slot for a pen. The pen is held in the groove by a simple elastic. This angle is then reflected in the half-lined notebook pages – for writing and / drawing. The 4 different paper shades used are all recycled stocks and the duplexed covers were made from up-cycled offcuts of previous projects from the printer. This meant there are 8 different notebooks using different shapes and with a random variety of covers / inside covers. ‘Nota Bene’ (Note Well) was blind embossed into the slot.

Creative Communication
United Kingdom
Woodstock Noce 140gsm
Woodstock Grigio 110gsm
Woodstock Camoscio 110gsm
Woodstock Betulla 110gsm