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Lifescaped Studio Sutherl&

Founded by Andrew Parker at the University of Oxford, Lifescaped is an organisation that undertakes science and art related to bio-inspiration – the human application of technology, behaviour and design found in nature. Lifescaped makes Pure Structural Colour, the world’s brightest manmade colour. Unlike traditional colour from dyes or pigments that absorb light, structural colour reflects or scatters light. We designed a range of eye symbols to reflect his unique vision of the natural world. The iris designs are based on sacred geometry found in nature. We designed a colour sample matchboxes – like collecting beetles and butterflies. We used the blackest black paper with silver foil to reflect the colours around us. The boxes & business cards are all made to the ratio of the golden section – reflecting the beauty of the natural world. ‘Nature’s Brilliant Colour’ opened at Kew Gardens featuring Andrew’s artworks with boxes displayed next to butterflies & beetles.

Creative Communication
United Kingdom
Sirio ultra black Ultra Black 115gsm / 280gsm