Archivio vincitori 2022

Ces Murs Qui Nous Font SigneStudio Philippe Apeloig

Philippe Apeloig is a French graphic designer.
He has been interested in the plaques commemorating the 1939-1945 era in Paris for almost twenty years.
He photographed all of these 1.200 plaques, a precise and meticulous work that reflected his interest of the vernacular typography on the city’s walls.
In September 2021, the totality of these images have been projected on the wall of the Panthéon, during three nights.
To accompany this event, Philippe Apeloig published a book called “Ces murs qui nous font signe”.
The cover, with a modern and radical design, evokes the grey wall of Paris thanks to a hot foil on the elegant Materica Ardesia.
The photos of some of the most beautiful plaques are printed on the Tatami paper, perfect for these subtle images.
To create a contrast with this first part, a text, written by Philippe Apeloig to describe the genesis of the project and accompanied by photos of the backstage of this 5 years long project, is printed on Arena Rough Natural.

Materica Ardesia 120g
Arena rough Natural 100g
Symbol tatami White 115g