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Gustav Aulehla Sudeten Chronicle (Sudetská Kronika)Studio M Nedvěd

This photography book (Sudeten Chronicle) presents an extensive selection of the lifelong work of Gustav Aulehla (*1931). This construction designer from Krnov (Czech Republic) developed the principles of humanistic photojournalism of Henri Cartier-Bresson in a small town. From the mid-fifties to the early nineties, he captured with his Leica many unique pictures of everyday life in a smaller town, but also in Olomouc, Ostrava, Opava, and the villages of the Krnov and Bruntál – regions known as the Sudetenland. With his interest in the industrially devastated landscape and the socialist village, he anticipated photographs of half a generation of younger authors from the same region – Viktor Kolář and Jindřich Štreit. A specific part in his work is occupied by photographs from the environment of socialist panel housing estates or soldiers of the Soviet occupation army.

Czech Republic
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