Archivio vincitori 2021

Studio Lowrie
WG+P Architects: Opportunity, Process, Wellness

WG+P is a London-based architecture studio, established in 2005. ‘Opportunity, Process, Wellness’ showcases key projects, research and inventive design solutions developed in their first 15 years.

We worked with WG+P to challenge the aesthetic of a traditional monograph through its size, layout and colours. It’s lighter and easier to hold, making it more comfortable to read; it celebrates process and ideas through pairing images of completed projects with sketches and works in progress. It’s bright and energised, using a special fluoro green ink for the multiple cover designs, image treatments and layouts within.

United Kingdom
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Materica Gesso 250gsm Woodstock Grigio 110gsm Arcoprint Milk 100gsm
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