Archivio vincitori 2022

Approdo Studio IN-ADC.IT

Adriano Nicoletti collects, in this first limited edition monograph, the fruit of the research carried out on the landscape in the last fifteen years.
The book is the story of an observer within the scenarios and territories investigated, between memory and new acquisitions, between history, identity and the transformations taking place. It is the search for an alternative image to stereotypes, to bring out the unique characteristics of a place, of its history, which is also the history of man. Through these pages, the landing, from the point of arrival and the purpose finally achieved, becomes the starting moment for a new narrative. The volume is divided into six sections and is enriched with various testimonies and contributions.
Texts by: Benedetta Donato, Barbara Silbe, Massimo Siragusa.

Splendorgel EW extra white 140