Archivio vincitori 2022

141 – Un secolo di disegno in ItaliaStudio Filippo Nostri

A century-long journey through Italian art, with drawing as the guiding thread: 141 works by 141 artists mark the stages of the “story in images” that unfolds in this book, ranging from 1909 to 2020 and spanning the most important artistic experiences and movements of the twentieth century, from Futurism to Arte Povera, right up to the present day.
Each image is accompanied by a reflection from the author – unprecedented with contemporary artists – on the theme of drawing; a theme that is also explored and expressed from different perspectives in the texts by Maura Pozzati and Claudio Musso, curators of the project.

Woodstock Noce 260 gr
Arena rough Natural 120 gr
Tintoretto ceylon Cannella 90 gr