Archivio vincitori 2022

Calendar 2022Studio A. Stein

Each year, ICB (Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau), a french-based printer, commissions a graphic designer to design a calendar for the next year, that showcases the range of their in-house printing capacities. Studio A. Stein had the chance to be offered to design the 2022 issue, being free to pick as much paper stocks as we wanted in the Fedrigoni range, and no constraints when it cames to design and form.
We designed a singer sewn binded calendar, showcasing not less than 15 paper stocks and 15 print finishings, playing with texture, transparency, relief and colors.
Foilco and EPGA then joined this collaborative project to make it even better thanks to foil stamping.

Creative Communication
Materica Cobalt 120g
Golden star k Extra White 90g
Splendorgloss L/W Premium White 120g
Constellation snow E48 Intreccio 115g
Woodstock Grigio 140g
Sirio pearl Rose Gold 125g
Tintoretto ceylon Anice 140g
Sirio color Royal Green 140g
Freelife merida Kraft 140g
Savile row plain Aubergine 140g