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Socrates Editions 3Socrates Communications

Socrates is a design group based in London. In 2020, we launched ‘Editions’, a communications programme that articulates expertise in design and print, while celebrating the creatives with whom we work. The brief was to deliver something that our clients might enjoy – the critical element being not to talk about ourselves. Each signed, numbered, and limited Edition celebrates a specific person; circulated to our clients and creative partners, with several ‘artist’s proofs’ also gifted to our subject. Editions 3 features the work of renowned photographer, Brian Griffin. Celebrating his faintly surreal portraiture through five eclectic booklets, ‘ODD’ is encased in a shallow box to offer a theatrical discovery of his work. Laced with unexpected typography and curated visual layouts; bright colours juxtapose the predominantly black and white photography. The overarching ambition being to celebrate his bizarre, yet brilliant photography in an engaging way.

United Kingdom
Symbol freelife satin Premium White 170gsm
Symbol freelife satin Premium White 150gsm
Symbol freelife satin Premium White 300gsm
Arcoprint Extra White 300gsm
Golden star k Premium White 110gsm