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The snake and the moon srl

The colors and the design of the label was inspired by frescoes of the ancient city of Pompeii, a city at the foot of volcano “Vesuvio”. In the kitchen of “Villa 6”, there is the representation of the two lares, the sacrificing Genius and the representation of two snakes approaching a plate of offerings. Hence the key to the realization of the new brand. At the new moon the meeting of the golden snake that wraps around the illuminated moon in the clear night, our three-headed snake symbolizes the city of Terzigno which was destroyed by the eruption three times and three times it was reborn from its ashes, in short, a rebirth. The Vesbius product comes from the mouth of our Vesuvius, we see in the details a crater seen from above with the technique of burning on the bottom that creating some mustard shades, such as the colors of the fresco of the sacrificing genius. On the moon the micro-engravings reflect the mosaic floors of the various rooms found in our reference villa.