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skvint GmbH
Der Goldene Shit

“Der Goldene Shit” is the first art project by Robert Herz, creative director of the Hamburg design agency skvint. While the title in German does not require translation, the pun should be explained elsewhere.

“Der Goldene Shit” ≠ “Der Goldene Schnitt” = The golden ratio

The golden ratio is the division ratio of a distance or other size, where the ratio of the whole to its larger part is equal to the ratio of the larger to the smaller part. [source:] In short: The proportion of section ’a’ to section ’b’ is defined by 61.8 % to 38.2 %.

The iconic lettering of this 100 prints limited edition of the ’Golden Shit’, is applied as hot foil stamping (Kurz Luxor Alufin Gold 415) on 350g Fedrigoni Cotton Wove Premium White in DIN A4 format. This edition is rounded off by a straight-line yet playful golden real wood frame.

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350g Fedrigoni Cotton Wove Premium White
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